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See below for 8 great Tips
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lost baggage

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1. Don't check your bags. Pack light, taking only carry-on luggage.

2. Ship your luggage ahead to your destination. With services like FedEx or
    Luggage Concierge, or Virtual Bellhop. It can cost $40 & up per bag,
    but it saves you hours of time. No need to stand in line checking luggage,
    or waiting for it upon landing. You can even have friends pick you up
    at the Departures Terminal!

3. Never pack items you have to have in 24 hours. Examples would be
    medicines, or the suit you need for that presentation in the morning.

4.. Never pack valuable or precious items like jewelry, electronics or
    cash in checked luggage because if the bag is lost, you can't claim them.

5. Put your name and address on the inside of your bag as well
    as the outside and include a copy of your itinerary
    just in case the baggage tag gets torn off !

6. Take a photo of your bag with your cell phone before you check it in
    case you need it later for show and tell.

7. After you've reclaimed your bag on the other side, check it before
    you leave the baggage claim area just to make sure all your stuff is inside.

8. It's a good idea if traveling with someone else, that when you pack,
    cross pack. That is, put at least one of your outfits in the other
    persons suitcase, so that if one is lost in transport, you'll always
    have something to wear until your luggage is found!


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